Christmas heroes

Wonderful words to remind us of those very special people who serve…

Mark Davis Author / Poet


The outback cop on duty
No rest on Christmas Day
Childhood Christmas memories
Seem so far away
Waves on sandy beaches
Backyard crickets happy sound
Replaced by heat and dust
Miles of burnt desert ground

The soldier stands on guard
Watches planes rush through the skies
Wishes she was on one
Brings tears to her eyes
Later she will Skype
Watch her kids show off their toys
Won’t get to hold and hug them
Or tuck in bed her boys

The doctor and the nurse
In emergency they stand
Wait for the paramedics
Not the Christmas Day they planned
Will work hard to make sure
That in every coming year
This days not remembered
For losing someone dear

So at your Christmas table
Raise a glass drink a toast
To all those that are working
So you can have a peaceful roast

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