Ode to Marcus

A beautiful tribute to a beautiful soul. Be sure to check out the original post and more on the Debra’s blog

Words across the Oceans



Time has come

And time has gone

But throughout moments in my days

You enter my mind…


I only got to know you briefly

Across the Oceans: Online

But in that time

You have touched me deeply…


 Your beautiful soul shone so brightly

Making us laugh out loud daily

Always there with your huge heart

Lifting and supporting without judgment…


I regret not coming to see you whilst away on my trip

My heart goes out to your Lady Wolf and I hope that she is doing ok

I miss your words terrible

But I found a message from you on Tumblr

Just the other day: which made me smile…


Wherever you are now

My dear friend: HATFM

Know that you will be forever loved

And held in our hearts forever

Until we connect again!


.  .  .

© DebraDML (2015)

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