An Accute Attraction Review

I only just found AJ Walters.  An Acute Attraction was recommended by another wonderful author, Cameron Lincoln.  In that I enjoy his work, his blog and his humor, I thought if he says this was a must read, then I was going to read it.  I am thrilled that I did!  I loved this book almost from the very beginning.  The biggest attraction and draw, the realness of Isabel, the narrator of this story.  She is a single mother of two who has begun to find herself again after a long time. A good friend convinces her to talk a holiday.  It is during this holiday that she finds Marc.  It is at this point that I will stop as I wish not to spoil anything.  I will tell you the intimate scenes between Isabel and Marc are passionate, steamy, and yet there is a sense of reality and humor, making them plausible.   Know that while this is a work of fiction, Isabel is as real as they get.  She is not the perfect model type nor is she the innocent that so often is found in today’s adult contemporary, chic-lit, whatever you want to call it. Isabel has flaws and imperfections, as we all do, yet she is learning to embrace the woman she is, flaws and all.  I truly enjoyed this book and so can’t wait for the continuation of the story of Isabel and Marc!
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